Now that the weather is cooling down, we can all start getting those full length pants out, and with new Autumn denim trends, DIY opportunities arise. A lot of these trends can cost you some serious $$$ to adorn, but if you have the time, scissors and a seam ripper, I can show you a really simple way of doing it yourself!

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Tanning. An activity I have had a love/hate relationship with my entire life. The accumulation of sweat on my body and the feeling of being cooked from the outside in is just so unsettling to me. As a Fashion and Beauty blogger I spend a decent amount of time exploring different trends, as well as the safest ways to test them, so I decided to dig my toes a little into the world of spray tanning. Continue reading


Ah the art of motivation. I’ve struggled my entire life finding the motivation to do most things society and life require me to do. Things like finding time for my hobbies, saving my money, going to events and seeing friends and family are everyday tasks a lot of people struggle with including myself. Over the last few years I have picked up a few tips and tricks for self motivation. Some are simple, and some take a lot of mental practice, but they helped me reach an overall happier place in my life, and I hope they have the same effect on you! Continue reading


CONVEY is a fashion and lifestyle boutique located on Queen St. W, one of the absolute best neighborhoods in Toronto for great, unique shopping finds. With their store only opening in 2015, CONVEY has finely curated their space with an eclectic selection of international designers collections. With the brands they have thoughtfully selected, the overall compilation in the boutique screams of the Toronto fashion aesthetic with a mix of classical pieces and edgy, urban trends. Continue reading


I have to have a talk about my love affair with this current hairdo trend of slicking your hair back. It’s basically everything I’ve been searching for all my life. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and requires little to no effort to pull off – a perfect match for my lazy girl attitude. Continue reading


As a young adult with a student budget, and a butt load of debt, it’s natural for me to look for a sale or two. I have been constantly struggling with my personal ethics when it comes to shopping, and the lack of funds that support these morals. There are so many options for affordable fashion out there, but with fast fashion and unethical labor practices in manufacturing, its almost impossible to feel great about those goods you get for a “steal”. Well BAM here’s another option and you don’t have to feel bad about this one : Aliexpress
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I have had OCD my entire life, therefore my visual outlook on the world is very controlled. I love symmetry and balance, so it’s natural that I adorn that quality on a daily basis, i.e my hair. My hair has always been a physical attribute that I have not been excited about. Show me a closet full of Chanel and a vanity brimming with makeup,  I’m a happy girl, but bring me a blow dryer and a round brush and I am completely lost. Continue reading


In a sense, both us Twin Koi babes are willing slaves to the fashion industry. Firstly, and most overtly, we are fashion bloggers which means we are constantly keeping our eyes out for upcoming trends in the industry, and regurgitating our findings for all of you. Julia is not only a fashion graduate, but an individual who eats, breathes, and sleeps fashion. It’s something that consumes her greatest interests and in many ways empowers her through her self-expression.  As for myself, as an emerging photographer with a magnified interest in the fashion genre, fashion acts as a creative outlet for me to generate aesthetically satisfying imagery that expresses something. However, with both of us being active in this field, we need to be aware of our roles in the fashion industry, because as soon as you participate in the perpetuation of a culture – which the fashion industry most definitely is – you need to question, am I perpetuating something that is bettering the world around me or not. Continue reading