As any of you fellow beauty buffs know, thick brows have been in for the past couple years now. We’ve traded in our tweezers, hot wax, and threading in place of eyebrow pencils, powders and gel in the name of the bold and unapologetic brow. For a devout lazy girl like me this kind of beauty trend is the absolute dream, I can finally live the pain-free, stress-free life I’m always after when it comes to brow care – just slab on some brow gel to keep my thick (and sometimes unruly) brows in place and I’m as good as gold. However, it was no picnic to get to this point. If you were anything like me and the trends of the 90’s marked you in more than one way, then you most likely plucked the shit out of your eyebrows in an attempt to channel your inner Stefani. This means I had a long road ahead of me so to speak when it came to getting my brows back to their natural state. This required a lot of patience, a bit of forced self-acceptance and a couple of tricks to help the process along. Essentially, here are a couple tricks of the trade when you’re trying to go cold-turkey from your tweezers and achieve a naturally thick brow.

Thick brows 02

Firstly, just straight up toss anything within your vicinity that you could use to trim or pluck your brows. It’s hard to resist temptation when you look in the mirror and see those little dark spikes of hair sprouting up around your formed brow-line. I can’t tell you the number of times I just went “eff it,” and plucked all those little hairs out and had to start all over again.

Thick brows 04

Secondly, make sure to purchase some must-have tools in order to have those brows on fleek. Brow gel is my personal go-to for plump brows. I use Benefit Cosmetic’s ‘Gimme Brow’ gel because not only does it keep my hairs in formation, but also adds volume with a formula that contains micro-fibres and also a colour tint to fill in any gaps of lighter hair, which comes in handy because the lightness of my hair can take away from the thickness. When I’m in the mood for a bolder look, I will darken my brows a bit by filling in any lighter gaps of hair with Anastasia’s Brow Definer.

Thick brows 01

My partner in crime, Julia has struggled with the over-pluck in the past. It look about  7 months to grow back every single, her trick? Coconut oil. This moisturizes the hair follicles around your brows, allowing for speedy growth. Since then, she plucks maybe 5 eyebrow hairs a month, and that’s just for shape and clean up. On bold brows like hers, all you need is some eyebrow gel, and you are good to go! If you are looking for that even bolder look you can define your shape with a flat brush and some brow powder.

Thich brows 03

I also used some all-natural hair growth tricks to speed along the process of getting my brows where they needed to be. There is a variety of natural oils that you can apply to your brows to help speed along hair growth. Castor oil is one option for hair growth, and it’s the most popular method because of it’s great results. It contains proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that all help to nourish the hair follicle, and coats and protects the follicle from any microorganisms that would stunt hair growth. Another popular choice is coconut oil, a multi-purpose oil that is all the rage these days for cooking and basically any beauty regime. Coconut oil’s hydrating properties helps with any sort of breakage, and it also contains various proteins, a large amount of vitamin E, and is rich in iron: all elements that promote hair thickness and length. Also, coconut oil helps with toning the eyebrow a deeper colour which adds to the visual effect of thick brows. Olive oil is also often used for this purpose – however I never tried this method so I cannot report on it’s results.

It’s a pretty straight forward process, and you can do it before bed as part of your nighttime beauty regime

  • Just take your oil of choice and warm it up a little. Warming up the oil helps stimulate the root to help the process of hair growth along
  • Take a cotton ball or pad and soak it completely in the oil.and apply it on each eyebrow
  • Massage your oily brows for 2-3 minutes to stimulate those follicles
  • Leave the oil sitting in your brows overnight
  • Rinse your brows in the morning

Now, I have absolutely no idea if any of these tricks actually work but from a completely non-scientific standpoint I can honestly say that I saw a difference in my hair growth – placebo effect or not it’s worth a try at least for your psychological well-being through this difficult change. Whether you are trying to go full natural brow, or just thicken what you already have we hope this advice helps you out!

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