As a young adult with a student budget, and a butt load of debt, it’s natural for me to look for a sale or two. I have been constantly struggling with my personal ethics when it comes to shopping, and the lack of funds that support these morals. There are so many options for affordable fashion out there, but with fast fashion and unethical labor practices in manufacturing, its almost impossible to feel great about those goods you get for a “steal”. Well BAM here’s another option and you don’t have to feel bad about this one : Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a website that hosts e-commerce stores for vendors all over china to sell their product at wholesale price. A lot of the time the product found on Aliexpress is unsold, unused or old product that a seller or warehouse isn’t able to sell at regular price. You are buying the product straight from the vendor as well, which takes a huge chunk of logistics prices off.  There are hundreds of thousands of different shops on, selling electronics to apparel.  Above you can see a Beige dress that is almost a mirror image of the 2016 SS Balmain Resort Dress. This dress was over 60$, which is actually way more expensive than most of the clothing of that website, but because of the detailed design, as well as the amazing quality, it was worth the dough.

Aliexpress 05

My favorite part about Aliexpress has to be the accessories. I went through a million chokers and pair of shoes and didn’t get tired once. The jewelry probably has the best pricing, with these vegan leather chokers pictured above only coming in at $2 each….yeah TWO DOLLARS. These are the prices that retail stores pay for their merch!  Forget about that 80-200% markup! I really recommend going through the accessories vendors, because they definitely have the best deals.



The ONLY bad thing I have to say about Aliexpress is the delivery time.  You have to wait 2 months for most of the stuff if you live in Canada. The more you think about it thought, the price and duty-less delivery makes up for the wait. Just make sure to shop one season ahead , which is what I did when I bought these summer clothes in march! We both have many more items coming in, so a bigger haul will be be in near (distant?) future.

Below is a list of all the items seen in this post:

We hope you little fish have a wonderful week, and if you’re having a bad day, go buy a little trinket today on


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