I have to have a talk about my love affair with this current hairdo trend of slicking your hair back. It’s basically everything I’ve been searching for all my life. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and requires little to no effort to pull off – a perfect match for my lazy girl attitude. Not to mention, rocking this slick look brings forth a bit of that masculine edge both us Twin Koi ladies try to inject into our style stories. From boyfriend jeans to oversized baseball tees, from sneakers to boxer briefs, slicked back hair is just one more addition to bridging the gap between genders in the contemporary fashion era. The versatility of this look is also something we love. With all the music festivals currently going on this look might be your best go-to look for appearing fresh and sleek whilst staying overnight in a tent, another way to top off your power-suit before an interview for a memorable first impression, and our favourite — adding an edge to your most unapologetic girls night out ensemble that screams, “back off fuckboys, I am a force to be reckoned with.”Slick hair 02
In order to achieve this look you really don’t need much, which is perfectly in tune with the minimalist lifestyle – I always try and keep my beauty products to the bare minimum. All you need is a comb, and one of the following styling products such as pomade, hair gel, hair wax, hairstyling cream, hair mousse, hair spray, or leave-in conditioner. My personal favourite is leave-in conditioner not necessarily because it’s the best option for hold – which if you’re looking for long lasting slicked back success then you should probably go for the pomade – but because it’s a multi-use product that can further minimize my styling products and keep my collection clean and simple. Slick hair 03

First, the hair is coated with a suitable amount of product; use your fingers to gently coat your hair, making sure not to get any product on your scalp. Your hair should be damp when preparing to slick, and I would definitely avoid doing this with dry hair. Once your hair is coated, grab your comb for your first “slick”, and then subsequent slicks can follow with either a comb or with the fingers. In your first slick, you do not slick the hair on the sides of the head, you only slick the hair on the top of the head. You can also choose to part your hair in the side, the middle or just slick it all back into a classic slick – so many options, so little hair products, and time.Slick hair 01


And there you have it, you’re on your way to looking like the baddest boss in the club with this sassy and sleek look. Anyway you swing it, this hairdo is the bee’s knee’s of 2016

Avery Steel

Photography & Editng: Avery Steel & Madelayne Hajek

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