CONVEY is a fashion and lifestyle boutique located on Queen St. W, one of the absolute best neighborhoods in Toronto for great, unique shopping finds. With their store only opening in 2015, CONVEY has finely curated their space with an eclectic selection of international designers collections. With the brands they have thoughtfully selected, the overall compilation in the boutique screams of the Toronto fashion aesthetic with a mix of classical pieces and edgy, urban trends. When we entered the boutique for the first time, the first section to catch both of our eyes was actually the men’s section. The menswear collection they had offered a sleek, sophisticated minimalist design, with small details that spoke a statement. From here, we were shown some of the gender neutral options the store carried which we simultaneously fell in love with. We knew from here that we absolutely needed to do a cover on some of CONVEY’s menswear and gender neutral options to show some of the ways we both attempt to bridge the fashion gender gap in our everyday wear.

In our first look, Julia makes a statement in this Woven Coach Shirt by a New Zealand brand called I Love Ugly. The boxy frame of this top allows for a comfortable fit for anyone to be able to move comfortably. However, tightening the drawstring at the bottom totally changes this look and when worn as a dress, draws attention to the leg shape resulting in a still casual but definitely sexy piece, especially when paired with a set of stilettos. Taking oversized men’s shirts and wearing them as dresses is a great and dynamic way to open up your favourite little dress collection, adding a bit more physical comfort while still showing a little leg.

Next, we have Avery decked out in some womenswear, menswear, and unisex; a little bit of every gender to create this urban look. The Cropped Fringe Jean are women’s wear by a U.S. brand called 3×1 who specialize in denim products. Everybody has a pair of those black pants they can’t live without, well we gotta say these jeans gave us so much life. The fringe detailing along the bottom when paired with these Ankle Strap Sandals by Mode Collective is the loudest statement a pair of simple black jeans can give. Every step you take prompts a little 1920s inspired shimmy around the ankle, which basically makes these jeans the most fun basic you could ever own.

The jacket Avery is sporting is also from 3×1, but from the menswear selection. We loved the wash of this denim, it was so classic and with the oversized shape on Avery’s small frame it acted as a sort of statement piece while still evoking a classic look. On top, Avery’s wearing a Heartbreaker Tee by Double Trouble. Born in the UK, Double Trouble is a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts which feature charming embroidered slogans, taking their inspiration from ’90s nostalgia, and with us both being 90s babies we couldn’t resist our roots.

Lastly, Julia sported this rose unisex sweater by a brand called ARMATURE, both designed and made in LA. What drew us to this piece was it’s texture, almost like mesh but with a spongy, thick consistency – it was definitely a one of a kind piece. The pockets were also a nice aesthetic touch, and practical as well – who doesn’t love giant pockets? The versatility of this item is another leading factor. The neutral pinkish tone allows for an easy pair up, in this case Julia paired it with some denim culottes for a more dressed down look.

There you have it folks, we hope this look-book of some of CONVEY’s fine masculine and unisex items gives you some neat ideas of your own of how you could start integrating menswear items into your own closet.

Avery Steel

Photography & Editing : Madelayne Hajek & Avery Steel

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