Ah the art of motivation. I’ve struggled my entire life finding the motivation to do most things society and life require me to do. Things like finding time for my hobbies, saving my money, going to events and seeing friends and family are everyday tasks a lot of people struggle with including myself. Over the last few years I have picked up a few tips and tricks for self motivation. Some are simple, and some take a lot of mental practice, but they helped me reach an overall happier place in my life, and I hope they have the same effect on you!

Motivating yourself 03

Its always important to take time out of your week to be active in a hobby or two. A hobby to me is an activity, or atmosphere that brings you joy or a general sense of comfort. For me, this is sewing and garment construction! I really love both the technical and artistic aspects this brings to my free time. Unfortunately, sometimes I get really busy, and my free time turns into an opportunity to turn into a legit couch potato. Whenever I feel the need to rest my body after a long day at work, I now refrain from reaching for the remote and a seat on my futon. I eat a healthy energizing snack when I get home, and then take a short nap. This helps rejuvenate my mind and body (lol), and when I wake up the food has given me a boost of energy, and I am ready to get out my sewing machine.

Motivating yourself 02

Sometimes my anxiety gets in the way of motivating myself to go out, and that is definitively something I have had to work on this past year. Graduating college kind of left me with this feeling of “what do I do now?”. Having all this free time really sounds nice, but when you don’t motivate yourself to actually do anything useful with it, it just turns into a void. How did I get out of this spiral?, well to be honest I just went on a lot of walks! When you are inside for long periods of time, your body isnt getting the stimulation it needs, and its a very good opportunity for depression to spark. Just going for a walk always makes me feel a million times better when I’m out in the sun and breathing in outside air. I never spend to much time in my apartment, going out to meet friends makes me feel way more anxious when I haven’t already had the outdoors stimulation in my day.

Motivating yourself 01

Saving money is truly an art, one that I have not mastered. It definitely takes a lot of motivation to put that bit of your paycheck away instead of buying that new shiny thing, trust me, I’ve been there……every two weeks. But every time I do put money away, I’ve noticed one trend in mindset, its always to save for something expensive I would like to buy for myself. I know, that sounds really stinkin’ obvious. Its hard really hard to find the motivation to save money, when you don’t have anything in particular you would like to save for. I like to make lists, and one of my favorite’s to make is expensive things I would like to buy, and how long it would take to save up for that item. Sometimes its a pair of shoes, sometimes a new toy for my cat, most recently a serger, but having these items in mind, or even writing it down helps you put that bit of paycheck away.

I hope you guys have a great week! Thankyou for reading, I hope one or two of these tricks helps you out, and if it does let us know! Love you ❤

Julia Mitchell

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