Everyone has a favorite colour. Whether its been the same for your entire life, or if it changes on a daily bases, as humans, we favour particular colours. Why not express that through what you wear? It makes sense to wear your favourite colour, as a form of expression, or even to just to catch an aesthetically pleasing mirror glance during your bathroom visit. Unsure how to rock all one colour? Well we are here to help you out of course! Continue reading


Toronto is a city that never sleeps. The traffic is eternally buzzing as we rush from place to place, in my case from job to 2nd job to 3rd job and back to bed, and as someone who is quite overtly addicted to fashion the fast-paced world I live in leaves little to no time to satisfy my jittery obsession with shopping. Shopping is essentially my substitute for coffee in the feel-good department. Thus, it has always been essential for us at Twin Koi to be able to get our shopping fix from our desks, beds, and sometimes on the go. This means we are always on the lookout for great online shopping outlets that we can trust, and is definitely one of them. Continue reading


We know a majority of you like to eat fruit, but what about wearing it, Confused? Fruit fibers have been used in fabric and clothing for many years now, but is still under the radar. Cotton has always been the number one fiber to use in the textile industry and has been that way for centuries. Unfortunately nowadays, the amount of chemicals and fresh water that goes into harvesting this product for fabric has become way too unsustainable. As influencers in the Canadian fashion industry, we feel its our responsibility to educate you guys on whats-what in terms of Eco friendly options for clothing. Continue reading


Ahhh, the beauty of technology, enabling any & every industry to makes leaps and bounds in terms of product design. The makeup industry, for example, is able to create amazing new formulations using the magic of science…ouuuuu lala. To be completely honest, the science side of makeup is a complete mystery to me, but I definitely know which brands have better formulas.
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For the longest time I did not feel comfortable showing off my body. During my time as a teenager, it was really trendy to wear skin tight yoga pants and tank tops, garb I personally felt uncomfortable wearing though I liked how it looked. Taking it back even farther, ten year old Julia was one to wear boot cut jeans and the same over sized camp t-shirt everyday. The point is, it took me a very long time to like my own body, and feel comfortable enough dawning it in scantily clad clothing. Continue reading


Why does the thing you are paid to do become the biggest title in your life? Less than 10% of the people in the world are able to do their dream job as a main occupation. I personally fall under the other majority. I spent the last 6 years preparing to work in fashion, and the last 2 studying fashion design and business at George Brown College. I was definitely excited to immediately find a job in my industry right after graduation, but that did not happen, and I am about to start a job as a Barista. Continue reading


Being a woman’s fashion blog with a taste for minimalism and uniqueness, we are always looking for ethical and well functioning brands to work with that share our aesthetic. After searching our butts off on every social media platform you could think of, we have found an apparel brand that matches our image to a T. Continue reading


Last week I turned 22 and to be completely honest this is the first time I have replied “actually yeah I do feel kind of different,” when asked that cliché birthday question “wow *insert age* do you feel any older?” It could be partly because a lot has changed this past year. I completed my third year of my four year bachelors degree (and my next semester’s thesis is weighing heavily on me already OMG,) I obtained my very first job related to my field as an assistant to two world renown photographers, entered into the sixth year of my relationship, and started paying for my very own phone bill. If paying for your own phone bill is not some serious adulting then I don’t know what is.
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